The Vitromusée Romont opened its doors in 1981, governed as a foundation in the sense of Articles 80 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code. The foundation comprises constituent and partner members, namely: The Town of Romont, the Association for the Development of Romont, the Society of Friends of the Museum, the APSV (Swiss Professional Association for Stained Glass) and the ASVP (Swiss Association for Flat Glass).

Members of the foundation board

Team of the Vitromusée Romont

  • Workshops for children: Astrid Kaiser, Clarisse Mühlemann, Anne Ros and Eveline Tissot
  • Reception, shop and surveillance: Thérèse Chammartin, Claudia Defferrard, Clarisse Mühlemann, Odile Pittet, Bastien Roubaty, Damien Spozio et Alice Terrapon

  • Maintenance: Marie-Lise Margueron and Teute Dalipi
  • Technical services: Charly and Robert Ayer, Michel de Techtermann, Ami Liard
Vitromusée Romont – Au Château – P.O. Box 150 – CH-1680 Romont – Phone +41 (0)26 652 10 95 – Fax +41 (0)26 652 49 17 – cr:vasb:ivgebzhfrr.pu